Revision of New version of the WCP's Transcription Protocol (v. 18) has been released from Mon, 2018-05-14 16:38

Version 18 of the Wallace Correspondence Project's Transcription Protocol is now available (as a pdf file) from the following page: [Click this link to go to the page] This is a major update to our protocol and staff and project volunteers should carefully study this new version, as numerous changes and additions have been made.

The protocol is used by the project for transcribing Alfred Russel Wallace's correspondence and other manuscripts in preparation for their publication in a series of printed volumes and in the WCP's Online repository - Wallace Letters Online [please note that this website is no longer functioning properly and we are working on a replacement].

Our protocol can trace its origin back to those used by Darwin Online and the Tyndall Correspondence Project. These in turn evolved from the protocol developed by the Darwin Correspondence Project. Our protocol has now diverged considerably from its ancestors!

Anyone is very welcome to use the WCP's protocol for their transcription work. Indeed weknow of several projects that are already using it.

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