Welcome to our new Archivist Ruth Benny.

RuthAs all involved with the WCP will know, the project's Archivist Caroline Catchpole sadly had to leave the project in October 2013 because her husband needed to move to New York because of his work. We advertised the position in November, interviewed candidates in December, and offered the job to Ruth Benny (right) who began work on the 13th January 2014. Welcome Ruth - we hope your time on the project will be enjoyable and rewarding!

Ruth has a MA in Archives and Records Management from University College London and a BA in History from the University of Liverpool. She previously worked as Archive Cataloguer for a correspondence project funded by a National Cataloguing Grant at the National Portrait Gallery on the Victorian artist, George Frederic Watts, and as an Archive Assistant at Lambeth Palace Library.

Ruth's email is r.benny@nhm.ac.uk

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