Welcome to New Project Staff!

Sadly, Charlotte (WCP Archivist) and Helen (our Researcher) recently left the project to take up very good positions elsewhere. Happily though, we have recruited two excellent replacements - Matt Beros who started on the 1st February as our Research Editor, and Alice Haigh who began on the 18th February as our Project Coordinator & Editor. 

Matt's main roles are to meticulously check and correct transcripts of letters to and from Wallace which have been produced by project volunteers; to research and write scholarly endnotes to help readers better understand and interpret the content of the manuscripts; and to assist with producing a 'camera ready' copy of the first volume of The Correspondence of Alfred Russel Wallace.

Prior to joining the WCP Matt worked as a research assistant for the Archaeology of Reading project at the Centre of Editing Lives and Letters (UCL), where he transcribed and translated marginal annotations from the library of John Dee (1527-1609). Matt has an MA in History of the Book and Digital Media Studies from the University Leiden. He also has previous experience working as a copy-editor and assisting with the publication of several books and projects at the Institute of Network Cultures and the University of Amsterdam.

Alice is responsible for managing the work of volunteers and freelance staff; quality controlling their transcripts and giving constructive feedback; attempting to locate previously unknown Wallace-related material and obtaining digital scans; carrying out the process of due diligence with respect to IP; cataloguing newly discovered letters using the project’s MS Access database; checking and correcting metadata; collaborating on preparing material for inclusion in Epsilon; carrying out project-related administrative duties; and writing posts for the WCP News blog.

Alice has a background in museum administration and the History of Science. She holds an MSc from the London Centre for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology and is currently in the final stages of completing a PhD supervised by the University of Leeds and the Science Museum, London, in collaboration with BT Archives, on the establishment of the GPO’s Engineering Research Station at Dollis Hill. Prior to joining the WCP, she was the Instrument Loans Coordinator at the Royal Academy of Music’s museum, and was a regular volunteer at the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons.

A big WELCOME to both of you from myself, the project's Director, and also the Trustees of the Charles Darwin Trust, who manage the project's grant.

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