WCP to digitize a lot more than just Wallace's correspondence.

Although the primary aim of the Wallace Correspondence Project is (as its name suggests) to digitise Wallace's surviving correspondence, the project has also digitized a selection of his other important manuscripts e.g. all of the notebooks in the Natural History Museum's Wallace Family Archive (for more information CLICK HERE). Now, thanks to our recent grant from the Wallace Centenary Celebration, we will be able to complete the job we started and scan all of the remaining manuscript items in the Family Archive. There are about 200 items which remain to be scanned, including manuscripts of talks given by Wallace, notes he made on his trips to the Amazon and North American, beautiful watercolour sketches and pencil drawings he drew etc. Once these items have been scanned and catalogued they will be made available via Wallace Letters Online - so watch this space!

The only items in the Family Archive which we are NOT going to scan are printed documents (nearly all of which are available online already) and photographs (most of which are available HERE). Admittedly, a number of the books and other printed documents in the Archive have manuscript annotations by Wallace, but we do not have the resources to digitise these at the moment.

When this work is finished Wallace Letters Online will contain virtually all of Wallace's surviving manuscript material. The only items which won't be in WLO will be annotations by Wallace (as already mentioned), plus a few book manuscripts in the British Library, and the notebooks which the Linnean Society owns (which are available on their website - see http://linnean-online.org/wallace_notes.html).

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