Volunteers Needed!

The Wallace Correspondence Project (WCP) is looking for enthusiastic people who would like to join our team of wonderful volunteers!

We are looking for careful and meticulous volunteers to do one of the following depending on experience level (1 requires the least and 3 the most experience):

1) transcribe untranscribed letters
2) carefully check, edit and annotate letters transcribed by other volunteers
3) edit and annotate Wallace’s earliest letters ready for the final checks by a professional editor. These will be published in volume 1 of "The Correspondence of Alfred Russel Wallace"

You are interested in Natural History or the History of Science
You have a good eye for 19th Century handwriting
You enjoy getting stuck into details (like spell-checking and fact-checking)
You are looking for an opportunity to volunteer remotely from your home, anywhere in the World so long as you have internet access
[Note that we would also like one or more volunteers to come in to our office in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, to help with other aspects of our work]

For more information, please get in touch with Charlotte (the WCP's Archivist): c.robinson@wallaceletters.org
Please indicate which of the 3 tasks you are interested in and mention whether or not you have any previous experience of doing this type of work. Thanks!

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