New Letters and Other Manuscripts Found by the Wallace Correspondence Project

Since Phase 2 of our project began in December 2017 we have obtained images of 246 letters and other manuscripts which are new to us! These range from a manuscript of one of Wallace's earliest publications "An Essay, On the Best Method of Conducting the Kington Mechanic's Institution", dated 1842 (below), which was published in "The History of Kington" edited by Richard Parry in 1845; to letters by Wallace's son William to Wallace's biographer James Marchant about Wallace's death in November 1913.

Our project now has letters and manuscripts from 188 different libraries and private collections around the world, yet we are sure that there are hundreds more items to find. In fact we have a fairly long list of items we know to exist but still need copies of, so we will soon be sending out requests to try to get digital images of them. Watch this space!

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