Harvard Students Assist Wallace Correspondence Project

By Ruth Benny

This summer the NHM Library and Archives welcomed 15 students from Harvard University, who were here as part of a eight week summer school. The students spent the first two weeks in London at the Museum, with the remaining time spent at Oxford University.

Whilst at the Museum the students worked for the WCP, transcribing letters from the NHM collections and repositories worldwide. These were written by a variety of different authors, some of the braver students even taking on Darwin's untidy hand!

The students worked hard and were assigned challenging letters and manuscript material to transcribe, with varying lengths and styles. They worked up to 6 hour days for 10 ten days and managed to complete 285 letters!

We hope very much that the students enjoyed their time in London and at the museum. They were treated to a private tour of the museum's tank room, as well as a trip to the Sensational Butterflies tent! They were also able to view the cyclists of the Tour de France when they come through London!

On behalf of the Wallace Correspondence Project and the museum I would like to thank them for all their hard work and relentless enthusiasm and wish them the best of luck in the rest of their studies.

The students: (Back row, left to right): Andrew David Clark, Eman Riaz Ahmed, Sadik Osman Shahidain, Amanda Belle Buckingham, Sawyer Dickinson Hescock, Liesl Elizabeth Ulrich-Verderber, Monilola Omotola Awolsei. (Front row, left to right): Fiona Marguerite Mcauley, Walaa Abdelfadeel, Shori Hijikata, Mia Solana Bertalan, Alberto Julian Corona, Nicole Mary Sarvis, William Keith, Vincent Duong-Vi Nguyen.

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