This project has been made possible by the contributions of literally hundreds of people.

We would like to thank the following for their invaluable contributions to this project:

The Wallace family - especially Dick and the late John Wallace for help in a diverse range of ways.

Sir David Attenborough for agreeing to be the project's Patron.

James Moore (UK) - for advice on the extent and distribution of Wallace correspondence. By sharing results from his research over many years, he saved the project much time and effort.

Paul Wason (USA) - for believing in the project, seeing it through difficult times and helping secure much needed funding from the John Templeton Foundation.

The Charles Darwin Trust, especially Randal Keynes, for an enormous amount of help in planning Phase 2 of the project and for hosting the grant from the Templeton Foundation.

Richard Milner (USA) - for much support and help and for providing funding for the WCP through his Wallace Centenary Celebration project.

The project is also very grateful to London's Natural History Museum for hosting the project during Phase 1, and to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (USA) and John Templeton Foundation (USA) for generous grants which made the project possible.

We also thank the following:

Andreia Salvador - for translating a letter in Portuguese.
Andy Polaszek (NHM, UK) - for assisting the project in various ways.
Anna Mayer (Germany) - for helping to set up the project and listing the letters in the British Library.
Annette Lord (UK) - for scanning and transcribing all letters held at the Oxford Museum of Natural History as well as many others.
Anthony Theobold - for technical advice about digitisation and online letters projects.
Ben Arthur (UK) - for all his hard work editing documents and images in 2012.
Charles Smith (USA) - for help in many different ways and for generously allowing us to use his transcripts of published letters.
Christine Garwood (UK) - for providing useful information.
Claudia Cardilo - for her assistance with Italian.
Darren Mann (UK) - for arranging for the letters in the Hope Dept., Oxford, to be scanned for our project.
Dave Kilby - for technical advice about digitisation and online letters projects.
Darwin Correspondence Project (UK) - particularly Dr Alison Pearn, Rosy Clarkson and Samantha Evans, for their generously allowing us to use transcripts of letters written by Darwin as well as assistance with copyright queries.
Graeme Cannon - for technical input in digitisation projects and online letters projects.
Ildeu Moreira (Brazil).
John van Wyhe (Singapore) - for providing useful information.
Lisa Smith.
Malcolm Scoble (NHM, UK) - was key to gaining initial approval for the project in the NHM.
Mike Sadka (NHM, UK) - for extremely useful help and advice on designing the project's MS Access database.
Nancy Chillingworth (NHM, UK) - for advice on IPR issues.
Rachel Clark (UK) - for all her help editing images for the project.
Renzo Nelli - for assistance with Italian copyright laws.
Simon Rycroft (NHM, UK) - for technical help with this website and advice on file naming conventions.
Steve Cafferty (NHM, UK) - for allowing us to use the HerbScan machines he purchased for the NHM's part of the Mellon-funded Plant Initiatives project (see These were used to scan nearly all of the NHM's Wallace correspondence.
Tim Padfield (UK) - for valuable assistance with UK copyright law queries.
Tyndall Correspondence Project - in particular James Elwick, for sharing their transcription protocol with us.
William ("Bill") Wallace for supplying us with scans of documents he owns.

We would like to thank the following repositories and individuals for supplying images of letters and other documents:

Abo Academy, Finland.
Alexander Library of Ornithology, one of the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford.
American Museum of Natural History, New York.
American Philosophical Society.
Andrew Berry.
Angus Carroll.
Archives of American Art - Smithsonian Institution.
Archives of Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Leiden, the Netherlands).
Archives of the Gray Herbarium, Harvard University.
Australian Museum.
Bedfordshire and Luton Archives Service.
Biblioteca di Scienze, Italy.
Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford.
Bodleian Library of Commonwealth & African Studies at Rhodes House.
Boston Museum of Science
Boston Public Library.
Brighton & Hove Libraries.
British Geological Society.
British Museum.
Brotherton Library, University of Leeds.
Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections, University of Birmingham.
California Academy of Sciences.
Cambridge University Library.
Churchill Archives Centre, University of Cambridge.
Croydon Local Studies Library and Archive Service.
Dirk Backenköehler.
Dittrick Medical History Center of Case Western Reserve University.
Edinburgh University Library.
English Heritage.
Folger Shakespeare Library.
Gail Guthrie.
George Beccaloni.
Ghent University, Belgium.
Glamorgan Archives.
Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge.
Greater Manchester County Record Office (with Manchester Archives).
Harvard University Archives.
Harvard University - Gray Herbarium.
Harvard University - Houghton Library.
Harvard University - Museum of Comparative Zoology.
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute.
Harvard University - The Harvard Medical Library in the Francis A.
Countway Library of Medicine.
Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
Hope Entomological Library, Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
Harriet Beecher Stowe Center.
Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas.
Imperial College London.
International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam).
Iowa State University.
Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, University of South Carolina Libraries.
John Hay Library, Brown University.
John Hopkins University, Baltimore.
John Innes Foundation Historical Collections.
John Rylands University Library, The University of Manchester.
John Greenell Wilson.
Knox College Library, Galesburg, Illinois.
Lambeth Archives.
Le Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle.
Leiden University Library.
Lilly Library, Indiana University.
Linnean Society of London.
Liverpool University Library.
London School of Economics Archives.
Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery.
Mark Samuels.
Missouri Botanical Garden.
Morgan Library and Museum, New York.
Moser Library, Shrewsbury School.
National Library of Australia.
National Library of Ireland.
National Library of Scotland.
National Library of Wales.
National Museums Scotland.
Natural History Museum, London.
Philips Library, Peabody Essex Museum.
Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.
Princeton University.
Professor James Williams.
Professor Philip Howse.
Quentin Keynes.
Richard Milner.
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
Royal College of Physicians.
Royal Entomological Society.
Royal Geographical Society.
Royal Institution of Great Britain.
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).
Senate House Library, University of London.
Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut.
Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive.
Sheffield Archives.
SOAS Library, Archives and Special Collections.
St. Andrew's University Special Collections.
Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt.
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.
State Library of South Australia.
Strathclyde University Archives.
Stephanie Thurston.
Surrey History Centre.
The Bancroft Library, Berkeley.
The British Library.
The College of Psychic Studies.
The Institution of Engineering and Technology.
The London Library.
The New York Botanical Garden.
The New York Public Library.
The Royal Society.
Tomas Feininger.
Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery.
Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek Duesseldorf.
University College Dublin.
University College London Special Collections.
University Museum of Zoology Cambridge.
University of Amsterdam Special Collections.
University of Bristol, Special Collections.
University of California, Santa Barbara.
University of Chicago Special Collections Library.
University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries.
University of Dundee.
University of Exeter, Special Collections.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
University of Pennsylvania.
University of Reading, Special Collections.
University of Toronto.
University of Virginia, Special Collections.
University of Wisconsin - Madison.
Wagner College, New York.
Wellcome Trust.
West Sussex Record Office.
Women's Library.
Yale University - Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
Yale University - Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library.
Yale University Library - Manuscripts and Archives.
Zoological Society London.

We would like to thank the following for transcribing letters and other valuable work:

Abdelfadeel, Walaa
Abouhawas, Abid
Adams, Christina
Ahmed, Eman Riaz
Ahmed, Rayhnuma
Anacootee, Emma
Arias, Lily C.
Arthur, Ben
Ather, Rabiya
Awolesi, Monilola Omotola
Ball, Amy
Ball, Nicola
Banwell, Daisy
Bao, Kevin
Barrieau, Matthew
Barton, Michael
Bashforth, Emma
Benny, Ruth
Beros, Matt
Bertalan, Mia Solana
Bevan, Deniz
Bisasor, Jhanelle
Botelho, Alyssa
Bourne, Fiona
Bradbury, Alexandra
Brenner, Thomas
Brunnen, Claire
Buckingham, Amanda Belle
Campbell, John
Catchpole, Caroline
Chapman, Abigail
Chapman, Jill
Chaudhury, Azraa
Chen, Eric
Chillingworth, Nancy
Chindapol, Sasinat
Chudasama Mahmud, Aisha
Clark, Andrew David
Clerx, William
Coleman, David
Colombero, Chloé-Rose
Congerton, John
Cooper, Rod
Cooper, Rosie
Corona, Alberto Julian
Crane, Megan
Dadaian, Anna
DiMuro, Katrina
Dodds, Scott
Driver, James
Dyke, Toby
Elsbury, Rosannah
Ferguson Hand, Meraud
Fidele, Genevieve
Gallop, Annabel Teh
Ghosh, Susan
Gibbs, Rosie
Gleeson, Alfie
Gourevitch, Eleanor
Griffin, Mary
Griffin, Molly
Hackett, Diana
Hall, Sophia
Hamburger, Esther
Hansman, Emily
Hauserman, Samantha
Hescock, Sawyer Dickinson
Hijikata, Shori
Hill, Jenny
Hoare, Eleanor
Humphries, Ceri
Jacks, Ellen
Jackson, John
Jenkins, Helen
Johnston, Rebekah
Joyce, Megan
Keith, Willaim
Kirwan, Luke
Klug, Benjamin
Knight, Brady
Knott, Peter
Kodra, Ina
Kowal, Emma
Lang, Ben
Lau, Jessica
Laverty, Martin
Lester, Ahren
Lett, Lanair
Linden, Tess
Lister, Iona
Lo, Yen-Nyuk
Lord, Annette
Lucas, Paula
Lungu, Anca
Magee, Judith
Martinho, Antone
Marzack, Justine
Mayer, Anna
Mcauley, Fiona Marguerite
McComb, Angela
McCombie, Arleen
Merry, Sarah
Milner, Richard
Monshin, Deborah
Moody, Liz
Moore, Alexander
Morrell, Halie
Moscoso, Alessa
Moses, Kirra
Munro, Rosemary
Murphy, Andrew
Murphy, Will
Murray, Wayn
Murray, Wayne
Muthana, Angela
Nadeem, Bilal
Newman-Plotnick, Harry
Nguyen, Vincent Duong-Vi
Nitz, Jason
Noriega, Melisa
O'Dell, Sandra
O'Donnell, Dick
Oh, Samuel
O'Hanlon, Alice
Parfitt, Elisabeth
Paterson, Gavin
Pearson, Keon
Penny, Keira
Powell, Jane
Prashar-Savoie, Anjali
Preston, Tim
Price, Victoria
Pulice, John
Riding, Fay
Robinson, Charlotte
Rodwell, Stephen
Rogerson, Anne
Rosen, Gabriel
Royce, Isobel
Saint-Smith, Lucy
Salvador, Andreia
Sarvis, Nicole Mary
Scott, Henry
Seo, Veri
Shahidain, Sadik Osman
Shapland, Lesley
Shariff, Bashira
Siewert, Betsy
Sloyan, Victoria
Smati, Hannah
Smith, Charles Hyde
Smith, Sam
Strzelecka, Daria
Sundquist, Luke
Szentgyorgyi, Katherine
Tannock, Wendy
Tappin, Daryl
Taylor, Simon
Tennison, Avy
Tew, Alison
Timóteo, Ana
Truong, Michael
Tzelios, Christie
Ulguim, Priscilla Ferreira
Ulrich-Verder, Liesl Elizabeth
Underwood, Ellie
Vanostran, Collin
Vongsachang, Hurnan
Wallace, Natalie
Ward, Christopher
Watkins Sophia
Watt, Helen
Williams, Sarah
Wolmarans, Jennifer
Wong, Jennifer

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